Employment Branding

Over the past two decades, o2 has created employment branding and recruitment campaigns for some of the world’s most well-known brands, including Chick-fil-A, Verizon and The Home Depot. Through strategic positioning and compelling creative, we define a company’s purpose and promote the reason why candidates should choose to work for a company.

What is Employment Branding?

Work is more than a job. It’s where we spend most of our waking hours and it plays a major role in how we define ourselves. Employment branding harnesses ideas that are core to your company and expresses them in a form that will work to attract the right candidates. Your employment brand should win the hearts and minds of the right candidates by connecting on a rational and emotional level. It should answer one simple question: What does it mean to work here?

Clients Past and Present



A Fast Company article pointed out that “working for an organization with a clearly defined purpose is second only to pay and benefits in importance for employees.” For Honda manufacturing, our client for 20 years, we continually create internal campaigns that reinforce the company’s purpose and help associates feel valued and appreciated.



With unemployment below 4%, BBVA was finding it difficult to attract high-quality candidates – especially for entry-level branch positions and competitive data expert roles. To showcase what a day in the life was like for these positions, o2 created a video series that showcased real BBVA employees. Additionally, to maximize the client’s budget, we used footage from the shoot for social content.



Employment branding is more than recruitment. It’s also keeping current employees actively engaged. To help Verizon better train its employees, o2 partnered with Verizon to create Rockstar. This annual event turned curriculum into a competition where employees battled each other to see who had mastered the material. o2 handled every aspect of the event, including theme creation, design, staging, speaker presentations, videos, event support, signage, T-shirts and invitations.


Home Depot

The Home Depot needed a recruitment campaign to attract the best candidates to help carry its brand forward. We delivered a recruitment philosophy that screened-in the people with talents that dove-tailed into The Home Depotʼs culture. Our work for The Home Depot made putting on the orange apron a source of pride.



Chick-fil-A came to us to create an employment brand and a recruitment campaign to help it screen in the right candidates from an ever-growing pool of applicants to its corporate office. Additionally, we were tasked with internally reinforcing the close-knit, family-centered company culture to current employees.


Mars Petcare

Working at Mars Petcare is a dream job for pet lovers. The company strives for superior product excellence, actively supports a number of pet welfare initiatives and has no qualms about team members bringing their dogs to work. Our task was to bring this pet-loving environment to life. We did this in a campaign that worked across the entire employment branding spectrum, from acquisition and onboarding to training and retention.

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