BBVA + o2

Partners since 2014.

As BBVA’s partner, we do all of the work you’d expect for a financial institution. CD and money market banner ads. Free checking radio spots. And small business social posts. We also do the completely unexpected – everything from designing floats to shooting a Kitten ATM video. No matter the project, our goal is always the same: to deliver creative that helps BBVA achieve its goals.


Mobile Banking App

To promote its position at the forefront of the digital transformation, BBVA wanted to create a campaign featuring its award-winning mobile banking app. o2 responded with a campaign that made the “app” message impossible to miss.


Brand Ambassadors

Early in our tenure with BBVA, the bank partnered with several brand ambassadors. Rather than merely using the ambassadors as spokespeople, our work focused on getting to know the ambassadors on a more personal level. By showing their more vulnerable side, the work highlighted the principles held by both the ambassadors and BBVA.



Being a minority-owned business, o2 takes great pride in helping BBVA and the CRR team share the messages of diversity, inclusion and community support.


Commercial Banking and Global Wealth

As a global brand with a local presence, BBVA stands apart from its competition. To highlight this unique position, o2 created a testimonial campaign featuring both Commercial Banking and Global Wealth clients and BBVA bankers. We then created individual banner ads and unique landing pages for every single market and banker to bring the “local” message to life in a personal way.



o2 works hand-in-hand with BBVA on sponsorships to help elevate the experience for event attendees. And, more importantly, elevate the awareness of BBVA for top-of-the-funnel prospects.

A True Partnership

Jennifer Dominiquini took time out of her day to share her thoughts about the partnership between o2 and BBVA.

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